Diverted History Installation

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A Commissioned Art Installation for the Art Gym. Located in Marylhurst, OR. 1996
5,000 sf

Diverted History was a 5,000 sf installation commissioned by curator Terri Hopkins for the Marylhurst College Art Gym.

The “Diverted History” installation emerged from Jorge Louis Borges’ story Pierre Menard. In the story, fictional 19th century character Pierre Menard attempts rewrite Cervantes’ 17th century Don Quixote, verbatim. This rewriting raises questions about the fixed nature of authorship, as text and meaning are subjected to forces of evolution.

The sculptures in “Diverted History” were re-presented as the “other lost works of Pierre Menard” created in a Menardian spirit of impassioned pointlessness. The sculptures existed as spectacular dead ends, oscillating between invention and repetition, emergence and dissolution.

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