Our new artwork for OWNP Orenco Woods Nature Park is now installed ! Thanks to all great folks at City Of Hillsboro for all their help and good spirits on a cold wet muddy day ! It was thrilling to finally see the Apple sculpture in its full context, resting […]

Along with working as a design team member on the development of the Orenco Woods Nature Park, we are also working to develop two sculptures, one to be installed in the summer/ fall of this year and the other at a future date. The sculpture pays tribute to the sites […]

Like trees planted to prevent erosion, the Riverscape Sculpture Series are now in place and anchor two public courtyards at the shifting edge between Pearl District development and the Guild’s Lake Industrial Sanctuary. The three sculptures celebrate the work and the story of master penman, train crossing watchman, and Greek immigrant Tom Stefopoulos, […]

Norfolk Sculpture Series seen driving by on I-264 out of downtown Norfolk,VA toward Virginia Beach. The video begins with Harbor Park, Tides Station and train when the Ship Shell appears , after which the Signal Carrier and Stealth Reef can be seen in front of the Amtrak Station just before […]

We have just completed the design for a new suspended sculpture for Lower Columbia College’s recently completed Health and Life Sciences building in Longview, WA. The sculpture titled Blossom of Life, celebrates Longview’s growth from the surrounding forest and trees. Merging this tree origin with a new Health and Science building, […]

We had a successful installation with the fantastic help of ODOT at the new Willamette River Bridge in Eugene, OR. Putting up the columns. Placing the basket. Placing the flowers. Completed Camas Basket. Thanks to everybody for making it so smooth!!